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Decho Investment Alliance is a real estate agency company based in Australia. Its headquarter is located in the center of Sydney. Specializes in real estate projects sales and marketing, providing comprehensive expertise and excellent service for our clients from concept to delivery.

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Founded in Shanghai, China in 1992, Greenland Group holds the distinction of being recognised as a global Fortune 500 company for seven consecutive years since debuting on Forbes’ Fortune 500 list in 2012, with the company most recently ranking at number 252. The company has also had the honour of being named number one on Forbes’ 2018 Global Growth Champions list after recording USD$44.8 billion in sales and UDD$1.5 billion in profit.

"I am proud of the rapid growth and brand recognition Decho Investment Alliance has achieved in Australia."

-Sherwood Luo
Managing Director


Poly Global is the international division of the listed property development company, Poly Developments and Holdings. The company entered the global market in January 2015 with its first acquisition in Sydney, Australia.

Poly Global employs over 150 people across offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. The team supports 20 current residential, commercial and mixed use projects. Key current projects include the 27 storey commercial tower at 210 George Street in Sydney and the 23 storey commercial tower at 1000 La Trobe Street in Docklnds, Victoria.

"There is no ceiling to our best selling agency Decho Investment and we expect our corporation to grow year-on-year"

-Cecilia Zhu 

Head of Sales

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