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Decho Investment Alliance

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About Decho

Decho Investment Alliance is a multi award-wining real estate agency company based in Australia. Its headquarter is located in the center of Sydney. Specializes in real estate projects sales and marketing, providing comprehensive expertise and excellent service for our clients from concept to delivery.


We're passionately with proven expertise in property marketing and management. We’re known for being informed and successful property marketers, they have very special and creative marketing strategies on project marketings.

Why Decho

Our Property Specialists are renowned for their expertise and knowledge of Australian property market. We bring a unique perspective and understand the need for in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the sales. We highly successful marketing strategies ensure optimal reach and outstanding results. Every aspect of every sales is carefully considered and thoughtfully executed. Every result we achieve adds to our reputation of consistently and diligently delivering outstanding outcomes for clients. 


To be the best chosen by the best Client

"I absolutely recommend Flora to anyone buying a place. We had some shady agents and I became sceptical. I must say Flora changed my opinion. She was honest diligent and did everything she could to assist us. One of the best!."


"Crystal is one of the best real estate agents we ever met. She is very patient and always willing to help. Her speedy response is simply amazing, day or night, weekdays or weekends. Will surly recommend her service for anyone looking for a property."


"Adam could not have been more helpful and supportive through the purchasing process. He had great advice and I always felt like he has my best interests in mind.''







"Flora personally connected with my entire family, knowing our names and showing her genuine care, long after we purchased our apartment. She was willing to broker the advertised price of the property to meet our desired purchasing price. Flora is not just good at selling property, she ensures the experience is positive, relational and genuine. Thank you for the care you have shown to us Flora.."


"Dylon has mesmerised me with his services. No more to add about purchasing my apartment!! Thanks a lot Dylon! You gave us a homely experience!!.''




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Call us and we will provide the most professional service to you.

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